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Using public transport offers many benefits for both users and the environment, as it is an economic alternative for the common good.

Through the use of different collective services, we can help promote a healthier environment thanks to the decrease in CO2 emissions and traffic congestion in cities, thus saving time on the road. Furthermore, it reduces noise pollution in cities and improves the health of those suffering the consequences of overconsumption.

One of the most important aspects to note is that the use of public transport costs much less than using a private car, as we can avoid costs associated with the fuel, maintenance, insurance, parking and the purchase of vehicle itself.

Public transport users significantly contribute to improving energy use, but public transport companies can not be left behind and must also implement Energy Management Systems (EMS) to reduce consumption and the environmental impact of their activities, using consumption analysers capable of reporting information on energy use as well as CO 2 emissions.

Example of an Energy Management System (EMS)

Public administration buildings


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