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Correctly choosing and using our appliances

It is just as important to use more efficient appliances and units (A+, A++ or A+++ energy label), as it is to use them correctly. More specifically, use the appliances with the right settings:

  • Run washing machines when they are full to at least 80% of the maximum load and use cold water whenever possible
  • Adjust the refrigerator temperature to the current season and do not leave the doors open
  • Use suitable cookware for the size of the stove-top burner and cook with the cover on
  • Run the dishwasher when it is full or use the half load mode
  • Unplug devices you do not often use, avoiding standby mode
  • etc.

To see your consumption and have greater control over it, sensors that communicate directly with smartphones are recommended, this being the most suitable solution.

At the industrial level, the best solution for possible inefficiencies in the electrical system and overconsumption in your establishment is measurement using power analyzers in the most critical parts of the electrical installation. By adding an energy manager to this power analyzer system, you can centralise consumption control for the future detection of overcharging in electrical bills (See real application of energy efficiency improvement).


Do you want to improve the energy efficiency in your installation?

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We have always thought the same way. We have moved forward in the same direction and with the same goal. We have created units that are today an essential part of any electrical system.

We are always staying firm in helping to build a more energetically efficient world.




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