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Regulate temperature without excess and take advantage of all resources


- Adjust the temperature of your house or installation according to the time of year. Set the temperature at 24 ºC in summer and 20 ºC in winter. You can reduce it to 16-17 ºC at night. Your consumption can go up or down by approximately 5% with each degree. Thermostats and programmable thermostats are useful for good temperature control.

- Check your heating and air conditioning systems regularly. If the devices are in poor condition it could clearly impact your energy consumption.

- Keep windows and blinds open or shut depending on the time of year. Sunlight and ventilation allow you to regulate the inside temperature in a natural and efficient way.

- Switch off your air conditioners and turn off the heat if you are going to open the windows. Remember that just a few minutes a day will do the trick.

Air conditioning accounts for more than 40% of consumption in homes and in many stores and shopping centres. The best way to control the electrical consumption of your air conditioning apparatus is by measuring consumption with a CEM energy meter.

This allows you to maintain a comfortable temperature without consuming too much electricity, and it is all easily controlled from CIRCUTOR's DataBox platform.

An example of an efficient application is controlling the energy and air conditioning consumption of the different stores in the same shopping centre. This system lets you objectively compare different stores or businesses and detect where there may be problems or improper uses of energy and air conditioning systems.


Example of an application in a supermarket chain: Improve the energy efficiency of a shopping centre



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