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Take advantage of the energy offered by the sun, wind and water

Of all the energy sources to which we have access, solar, wind and hydraulic energy are the most veteran, renewable and inexhaustible. Being able to leverage their capacities to the fullest has become essential for facing impending shortages of fossil fuels. From the simplest acts to installations that capture large amounts of energy:

  • Open the curtains to get better natural lighting. Taking advantage of sunlight can mean big savings on your electricity bill.

  • Install double-insulated windows. This will allow you to make more efficient use of the sun's thermal energy, considerably reducing the part of your electricity bill that is due to heating.

  • Install photovoltaic kits for energy self-consumption. Take advantage of natural resources to generate energy, reducing in part your electricity bill expenditure.

  • Hang your clothes out during the day and save energy by not using the dryer.

  • Use hot water only when needed. Hot water use is an energy cost, so don't waste it every time you turn on the tap.

  • Install flow reducers, as you don't need to use the entire flow for domestic tasks.

  • Optimise your use of hot water. Use insulating systems in piping as hot water use can cause the temperature to rise several degrees if the pipes are not properly insulated.

For some time now, it has also been possible to use natural resources to generate energy. Through the use of self-consumption kits you can generate clean energy for direct consumption from natural sources, combining this with energy from the electrical network when necessary. Likewise, dynamic power controllers can be used to guarantee zero injection into the mains, in compliance with current Spanish legislation.


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We have always thought the same way. We have moved forward in the same direction and with the same goal. We have created units that are today an essential part of any electrical system.

We are always staying firm in helping to build a more energetically efficient world.




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