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Project: Green Building. Electricity consumption management applied in Universities

Implementing company

CIRCUTOR, SA, National Meter Industries


Public Universities


Efficient Universities Project: Green Building.
Electricity consumption management applied in Universities


The University of Wisconsin Madison

History/ objectives

The University of Wisconsin, which has 13 campuses spread around different locations and a total of 182,000 students enrolled, decided to begin the Green Building Project. This project aims to reduce its electricity consumption each year until 2015.
To this end, we provided National Meter Industries with the latest equipment from the CVM family.

General description

Due to their characteristics, these devices are ideally suited for controlling consumption and the main electrical variables: network analysis and monitoring, remote communications (RS-485), 480V power supply (essential in the American market) and reduced dimensions. Currently, the project requires that communications can be converted to the BACnet protocol, which was achieved by using external transducers.

Remarkable aspects/results
Currently, the information network created by the university uses CVM data (Energy, KW demand, and currents):
  • To manage their HVAC system
  • Lighting system and other electrical loads
  • Furthermore, the increased efficiency in the installation is verified with the data acquired over time

Contact us:
t. (+34) 93 745 29 00

Electric energy management system in the poultry industry

Executing company

Butler Ltd,, Irlanda


Poultry Industry


Electric energy management system in the poultry industry



Background / objectives

Our conciliatory in Ireland, Butler Ltd, has designed a remote electric energy management system using 3G on a chicken farm with the purpose of controlling energy, water and gas consumption and critical parameters like floor temperature, ambient temperature, CO2, speed of
ventilation rotation and the optimum growth for birds in reference to energy consumption

General description

Installation of single-phase and three-phase energy meters, temperature and CO2 probes, floor scales randomly weighing the animals, a powerful EDS-3G device to be used as the system's programmable brain that stores process data and the software PowerStudio SCADA de Luxe so an SMS and email alert can be sent in case of an alarm

Key features / Results
  • Given the remoteness and remote situation of the farms, real time direct access from anywhere is permitted thanks to the 3G technology
  • Obtaining the direct cost of the product in relation to the resources consumed
  • Quick detection of critical environmental incidents
  • Optimisation of maintenance time
  • Reduction of consumption by 10% since weight is being detected at the appropriate time


Contact us:
t. (+34) 93 745 29 00



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Viladecavalls (Barcelona) Spain
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Technical Support

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Testing and Calibration

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