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Photovoltaic self-consumption installation in a farming region

Executing company

AdeInnova, Coeco Cooperative




Photovoltaic self-consumption installation in a farming region

Background / objectives

The project was commissioned to AdeInnova in May 2014 and the company presented the update of the photovoltaic self-consumption project. After analysing this project, the company decided to invest in our solutions, with the purpose of reducing the electricity bill, which would almost completely eliminate the use of the gas-oil support generator , a unit that had to be used due to the deficiencies in the supply quality and consumption peaks, improving the energy service quality and reducing the percentage penalties for exceeding the contracted power (25 kW), mainly and repeatedly occurring during solar activity periods, during the day and due to the intensive use of refrigerating chambers and the sprinkler programming system.

General description

Pàmies Horticoles SL is currently acting as the developer and has selected the  15.8 kWp instantaneous self-consumption kit, which features a complete and proven control solution with state-of-the-art technology and zero injection into the distribution  lines - CIRCUTOR's DPC. The kit comprises the following elements:

Element Units
Fronius IG Plus 60v-1 Inverter (single-phase) 3
COM-CARD Fronius IG Card 3
MC3-125A Current transformer 1
MC3-63A Current transformer 1
Solar modules 240 Wp 66
Structures  66
DPC (Dynamic Power Control) 1
Combiner Box (CB) 1
Key features / Results

Technical and economic objectives

  • 580,000 kWh Energy package, with a fixed cost of €0.045/kWh during 25 years
  • Return on investment since the first moment
  • Unit cost of the "turnkey" installation €1.60/Wp
  • Minimum cost of maintenance
  • Reduction of penalties as a result of exceeding the contracted power
  • Reduction of the operating hours of a gas-oil generator, used as a support system during consumption peaks

Social objectives

  • 100% of the electrical energy consumed comes from clean and sustainable energy sources.
  • Social responsibility with the environment.
  • Communication of general data of the installation to visiting citizens (8,000/year)
  • The installation will be used for technical training and communication purposes
  • Promotion of sector industries to attract investment in solar power solutions
  • Support to the solar power economy, organisations and SMEs of the sector

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