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ReadWatt. Optical pulse collector for reading energy meters

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ReadWatt. Optical pulse collector  for reading energy meters



Would you like to have access to your energy meter measurements?

Until now determining energy consumptions at the installations' mains has required high costs and production downtime because the industry has not had any way of accessing the energy meter readings.

 Load profile extracted from the energy meter
Load profile extracted from the energy meter

With CIRCUTOR's new Readwatt product, it is now easy to read the measurements of your electric energy meter without changing the electric circuit, while obtaining cost savings of at least 40% compared to other measurement options.

Readwatt with its cable
Readwatt with its cable

Until now a choice had to be made between the following options for determining these types of consumption:

  1. Installing your own energy meter or a meter in parallel to that of the utility company. This not only requires administrative steps with the company, but also important outlays and bearing the maintenance costs of the new energy meter.
  2. Installing a power analyzer and its current transformers, which requires cutting off the electric supply and installing complex electric wiring arrangements, besides a high investment in units.


Readwatt installed in a CIRCUTOR energy meter FAQs about our new energy measurement system:

Is it legal to use Readwatt? Yes, because nothing needs to be changed in the installation and its usual energy meter.

Can I use Readwatt with my energy meter? Yes, the only requirement is that your energy meter has to have a metering output with an optical impulse emitter (see photo).

How do you install Readwatt? Readwatt is installed in three easy steps:

  1. Place it upstream of the optical impulse output of your energy meter with its adhesive,
  2. power it with the attached power supply source.
  3. Receive the data with energy management software such as CIRCUTOR's PowerStudio or EDS or with master Modbus/RTU software.


Installing Readwatt is fast and easy
Installing Readwatt is fast and easy

Out of Readwatt's many applications, its main ones are as follows:

  • Small and medium-scale industry: Accurately determine your energy consumption and adjust as needed: by maximum demand, by reactive energy compensation (requires two Readwatt units), by correcting incorrect energy consumption habits.

  • Installers and energy consulting companies: for offering you power improvement and value added services quickly, easily and in a non-invasive manner.

  • Electricity supply companies and energy suppliers, in general: for determining the consumption curves of potential customers and offering them tariffs adjusted to their needs.

  • Service or production company chain stores (department stores, foodstuffs, etc.): since they can gather, centralise and supervise their energy consumption easily and swiftly. All these make it possible to improve electric energy management and provide greater negotiating capacity with energy suppliers.

Please contact us to learn about and try our new Readwatt.


More information in the product summary:
ReadWatt. Optical pulse collector for reading energy meters




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