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Compact & versatile power analyzer for panel CVM-C10

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Continuing to innovate, CIRCUTOR offers a new solution in the field of power analyzers, presenting an analyzer with a more complete instantaneous parameter display, with electric consumption measurement and the possibility of viewing new parameters such as cost or CO2 emissions on the screen of the device.

The CVM-C10 is a power analyzer for Medium/Low voltage that can be installed in 600 kV and up to 10 kA systems. Its screen automatically scales all the parameters from K to M, "MEGAS".

It is a CVM with a broad range of electrical parameter displays, including voltages, currents and compound powers, or by phase, decomposition up to 31º harmonics, and energy consumptions.

Its interface with three capacitive buttons enables accessing multiple data monitoring screens quickly and easily, besides offering IP65 front panel protection, because the front panel is a single piece without fissures.

The "chip on glass" technology in its personalised display enables clear display of the values on screen.

The CVM-C10 provides the user more information and on the same view can show the % of use or load of the installation, as well as the maximum value it has reached. It also shows the cos_PHI or PF (selectable) value analogically, as well as any other three phase parameter or phase selected by the user.

It has three tariffs or consumption counters from three different sources, with their respective Cost or KgCO2" displays, according to the programming of the corresponding ratios.

It has the possibility of configuring its four digital outputs as alarm signals for any instantaneous parameter with all possible configurations. Minimum, maximum, hysteresis, connection / disconnection delays and LATCH or interlocking function.

It has the possibility of configuring its two digital outputs as impulse signals for any incremental parameter with all possible configurations. Impulse weight and configuration of the ON time of the impulse from 40 to 250 ms.

It has three bright white power and push key front panel led indicators, and a bright red Alarm led.


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Power analyzer for panel CVM-C10




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