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We look forward to seeing you at CIRCUTOR Open Day

on .

Visit us on 21 April at Circutor Open Day and see for yourself the latest developments and opportunities in the industry and our brand.

An entirely virtual Fair, yet one with the same warm and personalised service as always.


A unique experience where you can visit us, learn about our latest developments, attend live talks, and most importantly we can help you in person and address all the questions and issues you’d like to raise.

All this in a virtual environment where you can interact with our entire sales engineering team at first hand, making this event into a unique experience.

Get your ticket for free entry to


Register on the event’s website and book your place:


(We recommend registering as soon as possible,
to avoid waiting the same day of the event)

6 Stands, 6 Show Rooms, a Conference Room and a Networking area,  to keep you up to speed in:

  • Electric mobility
  • Network quality
  • Energy efficiency
  • Renewable energies
  • Continuity of service
  • Power distribution



  • Energy Efficiency in Industry 4.0 (10:30 am) (in Spanish)
    • Solutions for saving on electricity bills
    • Data analysis systems for improving energy efficiency in installations
    • How to improve the quality of my installation
    • Avoiding indirect costs, ensuring continuity of supply
  • New opportunities in the photovoltaic industry (4 pm) (in Spanish)
    • Current situation in the solar energy market
    • How the new Royal Decree 244/2019 legislative framework is driving the industry
    • What to expect from the entry into force of simplified compensation
    • New developments in the regulation of collective facilities
    • Connections between the EV charging industry and self-consumption


WORKSHOPS (in Spanish):

  Workshop (Duration 45 minutes)   Time   Showroom  
  Electric vehicle charging points in pakings and public roads   12:00 h   Electric Mobility  
  Solar self-consumption systems on roof or canopies   12:00 h   Renewable energy  
  New Penalties for Capacitive Reactive Energy   12:00 h    Network Quality  
  Advanced Supervision System in distribution networks   12:00 h    Energy Distribution  
  Measurement and monitoring in Photovoltaic Plants   15:00 h   Renewable energy  
  Portable measurement system with remote audits (ISO 50001)   15:00 h   Energy efficiency  
  Automatic differential reconnect systems   15:00 h   Continuity of Service  
  How to analyze and improve supply quality   15:00 h   Network Quality  
  VE charging points for linked charging, domestic use   17:30 h   Electric Mobility  
  How to implement an Energy Management System (EMS)   17:30 h   Energy efficiency  
  Why should I protect my installation with a Type B differential?   17:30 h   Continuity of Service  
  Reactive energy compensation in distorted networks   17:30 h   Network Quality  



We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 21 April at Circutor Open Day from 9.30 am to 8 pm (Spanish time: Central European Time [CET]) Because we want to stay close to you and because we want to keep on doing what we like.



Get your ticket for free entry to

Register on the event’s website and book your place:



(We recommend registering as soon as possible,
to avoid waiting the same day of the event)




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