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REC. New self-reclosing RCCB's

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New self-reclosing RCCB's for all kinds of applications


In view of the increasing use of electronic loads in installations and of the need to maintain the protection and continuity of service in lines with a certain level of criticality, CIRCUTOR is launching a new range of Type A and Type B self-reclosing RCCB.

Both guarantee the improved continuity of the electrical service through a reclosing sequence with 3 attempts, timed with respect to one another.

Designed to reduce installation time, it features a self-powered system and an optimised physical design that adds a single module for reclosing.

Front ON/OFF switch that allows blocking the reclosing device, as well as a seal to make it impossible to tamper with the RCCB.

It is an ideal unit for applications where onsite maintenance is not possible, such as telecommunications facilities, DTT systems, telephone systems, production lines and critical installations.



Type A self-reclosing RCCB


Type B self-reclosing RCCB

RCCB capable of handling sinusoidal leakage currents and pulsating wave currents.
Industrial earth leakage protection with 30 and 300 mA sensitivities, in 2- and 4-pole electrical installations of up to 63 A.
2-pole models available with reclosing by insulation mode, perfect for the household sector, with a special emphasis on second homes, swimming pools, irrigation systems, community areas, and other applications.



Capable of handling sinusoidal leakage currents up to 1 kHz, pulsating wave currents and direct current. Perfect for electronic loads that have parts working with direct current such as speed regulators, climate control, electric vehicle charging points, photovoltaic applications, UPS, etc.

 REC4. Type A self-reclosing RCCB    RECB. Type B self-reclosing RCCB
Available in: 2 Poles, 3 modules
Available in: 4 Poles, 5 modules
   Available in: 4 Poles, 5 modules
Type A protection
Sinusoidal alternating current
Pulsating alternating current
  Type B protection
Sinusoidal alternating current
Pulsating alternating current
Direct current



self-reclosing RCCB's



REC4 leaflet   RECB leaflet 


Timed reclosing system


Lockout & Safety

 Timed reclosing system

   Lockout & Safety


For all kinds of applications

 Viviendas y segundas residencias

Houses and second homes


 Puntos de recarga de vehículos eléctricos

Electric vehicle charging points

Services sector

Services sector


Telecommunications, Data centres

Telecommunications, Data centres

Industrial sector

Industrial sector


VSD, VFD, elevators

VSD, VFD, elevators



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