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Automatic hybrid switching capacitor banks OPTIM HYB

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Ultimate accuracy in compensation

Not all installations need the same type of compensation unit

The ever more unbalanced systems together with the implementation of new digital energy meters capable of registering individual inductive and capacitive reactive energy in each of the phases has forced us to reinvent power factor correction.

Traditional capacitor banks do not guarantee reactive energy elimination

The use of traditional compensation systems, which measure on a single phase and compensating with three-phase capacitors, cause system overcompensation or under-compensation, and register reactive values from the company energy meter while failing to guarantee the elimination of penalties on the customers' bills.

Thanks to hybrid compensation (with 3 current transformers), the new system patented by CIRCUTOR allows us to compensate any kind of consumption with a fast connection of single-phase capacitors between phase and neutral using thyristors. These capacitors are replaced with three-phase capacitors when the three-phase demand is stabilised, thus leaving the single-phase capacitors ready for new fast compensation needs and/or imbalances in the mains.

A REALITY. Traditional capacitor bankTraditional capacitor bank

THE SOLUTION. Optim HYB capacitor bank

Optim HYB capacitor bank

Reinventing power factor correction

Hybrid capacitor banks

The changing in the world of mechanical energy meters for multifunctional digital energy meters, capable of measuring reactive energy phase-to-phase, is forcing us to change the concept of power factor correction.

In this new scenario, to guarantee complete elimination of penalties for reactive energy on user electricity bills, CIRCUTOR has patented its OPTIM HYB hybrid capacitor banks, capable of measuring like the company power meter and compensating the reactive energy individually on each of the phases.

€0 guarantee *

€0 guarantee


Three-phase measuring, the reply speed and the individual compensation by phase give us enough security to guarantee customers a €0 reactive item on their electricity bill.

* With correct unit selection and subject to CIRCUTOR's Guarantee Conditions.

Don't take risks with reactive energy

5 years warranty

Independently of the sector or the power consumed, today's electrical panorama means that we meet unbalanced loads in all kinds of installations.

CIRCUTOR's Optim HYB capacitor banks offer Exclusive Security with 0€* reactive energy penalties, and as we are confident about this, we give you a 5-year guarantee on the unit.

* With correct unit selection and subject to CIRCUTOR's Guarantee Conditions.


Reactive energy penalties in shops


Compensation of loads connected between phase and neutral (cooling, lighting, air conditioning…).


Catalogue: Automatic hybrid switching capacitor banks OPTIM HYB


Datasheet of Automatic hybrid switching capacitor banks OPTIM HYB (datasheet, manual, catalogue, etc.)


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