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CIRCUTOR Heavy Duty capacitors at special price

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Heavy Duty capacitors price

CIRCUTOR Heavy Duty capacitors at special price


CIRCUTOR Heavy Duty capacitors will ensure:

Greater durability

  • ––Maximum quality in European propylene
  • ––Dielectric thickness optimised for longer duration

Greater continuity of service

  • ––Self-regeneration technology that ensures minimum loss of capacity
  • Internal fuse technology. Ensures disconnection of the capacitor preventing dangerous situations

Guaranteed safety

  • ––Overpressure safety system. To ensure the proper disconnection of the capacitor element
  • Inert gas technology. Complete elimination of fire risks and leakages.

CIRCUTOR Heavy Duty capacitors

CIRCUTOR cutting-edge technology

  • Greater current capacity: 1.8 x In, 2.5 x In short time
  • ––Greater tolerance to inrush currents: 400 x In
  • Longer lifetime: 150,000 h
  • ––Higher temperature resistance: -50/D, to 65 °C
  • ––More secure and safe: Inert gas
  • ––More efficient: the lowest losses in its class, only 0.4 W/kvar
  • Longer warranty: 4 years
  • ––Faster delivery: more than 15,000 units in stock
  • Altitude: until 4,000 meters above sea level
  Heavy Duty capacitors technology

Immediate delivery
Over 15.000 units in stock

Three-phase tubular power capacitor with faston terminal: CLZ-FPT Series
Three-phase tubular power capacitor with connection strip: CLZ-FP Series


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