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MYeBOX® Class A calibration certificate according to IEC 61000-4-30

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The range of MYeBOX® power quality analyzer has a calibration certificate in accordance with IEC 61000-4-30 Class A.

All new class A models have an official certificate issued by the CIRCE Foundation, ensuring the accuracy and quality of CIRCUTOR products. This body has ENAC accreditation to perform calibrations on DC electricity and low frequency both in the field and in the laboratory.




All MYeBOX® Class A analyzers have an individual calibration certificate for manufacturing the device according to the voltage conditions of the IEC 61000-4-30 standard and those related to the IEC 61557-12 standard, issued by CIRCUTOR official laboratory. These standards become relevant for the installation of portable devices for carrying audits according to ISO 50001.

Download the official certificates from the following links:


Class A certified models:

MYeBOX-A. Portable power analyzer with recording of quality events and transients Calibration Certificate (IEC 61000-4-30 Ed.2) Class A
Type Code Clamp Measuring
Kit MYeBOX-150 M840230000A00 - 4 - - WIFI
Kit MYeBOX-1500 M840330000A00 - 5 2 2 WIFI + 3G

Portable analyzer kits with current sensors
MYeBOX-150-3 FLEX-R45 M8404B0000A00  3 FLEX-R45  WIFI 
MYeBOX-1500-3 FLEX-R45 M8405B0000A00 3 FLEX-R45  WIFI + 3G 
MYeBOX-150-4 FLEX-R45 M8404C0000A00  4 FLEX-R45  WIFI 
MYeBOX-1500-4 FLEX-R45 M8405C0000A00  4 FLEX-R45  WIFI + 3G 
MYeBOX-150-3 FLEX-R80 M8404D0000A00  3 FLEX-R80  WIFI 
MYeBOX-1500-3 FLEX-R80 M8405D0000A00  3 FLEX-R80  WIFI + 3G 
MYeBOX-150-4 FLEX-R80 M8404E0000A00  4 FLEX-R80  WIFI 
MYeBOX-1500-4 FLEX-R80 M8405E0000A00  4 FLEX-R80  WIFI + 3G 
MYeBOX-150-3 CPG-100 M840430000A00  3 CPG-100  WIFI 
MYeBOX-1500-3 CPG-100 M840530000A00  3 CPG-100  WIFI + 3G 
MYeBOX-150-3 CPRG-500 M840450000A00  3 CPRG-500  WIFI 
MYeBOX-1500-3 CPRG-500 M840550000A00  3 CPRG-500  WIFI + 3G 
Analyzer with built-in SD memory and Cloud. Includes voltage cables, alligator clips, USB cable, fastening strap, magnetic support, battery, power supply and carrying bag. Please contact us for other clamp or clamp length combinations.



More information: MYeBOX®. Portable power analyzer



CIRCUTOR will be participating at the Hannover Messe 2018 fair, from 23 to 27 April in Hannover (Germany)

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Hannover Messe is the world's leading trade fair for industrial technology, where the latest solutions, devices and technologies of the electrical sector are exhibited.

CIRCUTOR, a leading provider of energy efficiency solutions, will exhibit some of their solutions and devices at their stand, such as:

We hope to share these new solutions with you at: Hall 12, Stand B56


The next link takes you straight to the eTicket registration/activation website
After registration, each guest receives a personalized ticket by e-mail for printing in A4 and showing at the entrance.
Ticket are only valid upon registration/activation, and that this is most conveniently done online, before the show.

Each eTicket is valid for the entire duration of HANNOVER MESSE 2018.



More information: Hannover Messe 2018  


CIRCUTOR will be participating at the Light + Building 2018 fair, from 18 to 23 March in Frankfurt (Germany)

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Light + Building is the world's leading trade fair for lighting and building services technology, where the latest solutions, devices and technologies of the electrical sector are exhibited.

CIRCUTOR, a leading provider of energy efficiency solutions, will exhibit some of their solutions and devices at their stand, such as:

We hope to share these new solutions with you at: Hall 8.0, stand A59

Excellent participation in Genera: International Energy and Environment exhibition

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Genera 2018 is the international reference exhibition in the field of Energy and Environment, organized by IFEMA, in the city of Madrid from 13 to 15 June.

CIRCUTOR has exhibited at the GENERA its new solutions for the supervision of photovoltaic plants, oriented to cover the most challenging needs from the photovoltaic plants managers. One of the most interested product was our SCADA system for global supervision, which includes the management of Stringboxes located at Level 1 or Level 2, sensors, measurement and communications devices up to the billing meters, offering a global control of the different PV installations.

In addition, one of the most successful new product that we launched was the new STM, an innovative device specifically designed for monitoring up to 32 strings in the same enclosure by using LORA or RS-485 communications. With a very simple installation this device will perfectly fit in any photovoltaic plant.


Download here our catalogue “Integral solution for photovoltaic plants supervision


We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people interested in our products for their visit and hope to see them again soon at future events.

Successful participation in Middle East Electricity 2018, Dubai (UAE)

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Successful participation in Middle East Electricity 2018, the world's largest trade fair for the energy industry, covering the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity, including the renewable energy sector and the lighting industry.

Middle East Electricity welcomes visitors from the Middle East, Africa and the rest of the world and is the main meeting for energy industry professionals in the region.

During the trade fair, CIRCUTOR focused especially on new solutions for improving electrical energy efficiency, such as:

  • AFQevo (Active multifunction filter)
  • MYeBOX® (Portable power analyzer)
  • SVG (Static Var Generator)
  • CVM A1500 (Power analyzer for panel with power quality measurement parameters)
  • Wibeee (Consumption analyzer)

This year, we received visitors from more than 40 countries. Here at CIRCUTOR, we would like to thank you for your interest in all units presented at the trade fair and we hope that future editions of the trade fair will be just as successful as past ones.

Successful participation in Middle East Electricity 2018, Dubai (UAE)

CIRCUTOR will be participating at the Middle East Electricity 2018 exhibition, from March 6th - 8th in Dubai (UAE)

on .

Middle East Electricity is the largest exhibition worldwide for the energy industry, covering electrical generation, transmission and distribution, including sectors of renewable energies and lighting industry.

Middle East Electricity receives visitors from all the Middle East, Africa and the rest of the world, and presents itself as the main meeting point of professionals of the energy industry in the region.

During this edition, CIRCUTOR, with over 40 years in the energy efficiency sector, will participate in this event to show new solutions for improving electrical energy efficiency.

We look forward to receiving you in our stand to show you all our new products in Hall 2, stand H2.E28


Great interest in CIRCUTOR novelties and solutions during Light+Building 2018 fair

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CIRCUTOR participated in Light + Building 2018, being a reference fair in the lighting and construction services technology sector, where the latest solutions, devices and technologies of the electrical sector were exhibited.

It is worth mentioning the special interest of the participants in the different novelties and solutions for energy monitoring and management, earth leakage protection, reactive energy compensation and harmonic filtering.

The products we presented were:

Throughout the event there were a lot of visitors at CIRCUTOR's stand. Hopefully future editions will be as prosperous as the present one.

CIRCUTOR publishes its new catalogue "Integral solution for photovoltaic plants supervision"

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CIRCUTOR publishes its new catalogue on the General Supervision of the Photovoltaic Plant.

Photovoltaic solar energy is currently one of the most economical renewable sources. The constant rise in the price of electrical energy together with the optimisation in the prices of elements that make up a photovoltaic park is leading to a direct increase in investment in these systems.

For this reason, the average installed capacity in new generation plants is increasing day by day, requiring systems that are able to supervise and manage the facilities permanently and interact with all their elements, ensuring both optimum technical and economic performance.

In this catalogue, CIRCUTOR offers a solution that simplifies and facilitates the complete development of an application for managing one or several photovoltaic plants, both locally and remotely. The SCADA system is fully designed to meet each customer's needs.

CIRCUTOR's SCADA solution covers the different aspects to be considered for supervising photovoltaic plants, both at a software and hardware level, since it consists of the supply of control sensors and devices, together with rack cabinets, for communicating the entire system with SCADA software.

This will provide our customers with a custom solution that is able to grow in line with new needs that arise, always with the objective of ensuring the best possible management of their facility.

Solución integral para supervisión de plantas fotovoltaicasLink to download the catalogue

CIRCUTOR will participate in IBS 2017 exhibition (Intelligent Building Systems), from 4th to 5th October in Paris (France)

on .

CIRCUTOR has developed in recent years some of the most innovative and leading solutions in the field energy efficiency. During the exhibition we will present different kind of solutions regarding energy management and efficiency in any building, whether both tertiary and industrial use.

CIRCUTOR will exhibit some of their solutions and units at their stand, such as:

  • Wibeee system: Innovative wireless system for managing energy consumption.
  • PowerStudio, Energy Management System (EMS)
  • Power analyzers and energy meters
  • Recharge of electrical vehicle
  • Solar canopies with recharge of electric vehicles.

We hope to share with you all our new products at stand nº B12 at Hall 2.2 in Paris Porte de Versailles.

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