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Inauguration of MMAX's photovoltaic energy installation for self-consumption

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The official inauguration of the photovoltaic energy installation for self-consumption with no grid surplus injection took place on 19 June at the company MMAX in El Ejido, Almería.

The photovoltaic system installed has a nominal power of 90 kW, divided between two subsystems:

  • 75 kW on the roof of the industrial warehouse, which feeds an AGILO inverter made by FRONIUS;
  • and a Sun Toward solar tracker, which feeds a 15 kW SYMO inverter, also made by FRONIUS.

These two subsystems are managed by a CIRCUTOR CDP-0 dynamic power control, which ensures maximum demand coverage using solar energy and the absence of surpluses that can be injected into the grid.

This project was developed using the turnkey formula by PROCONSULT Almería, with whom CIRCUTOR has a partnership agreement for such applications, and through which 4 projects with a total of 330 kW have been implemented in Almería.

This system, like the others installed, is part of an overarching strategy to improve the efficiency and electric energy management of companies. The management tool that makes this possible is POWER STUDIO SCADA. Via the giant screen installed in the MMAX offices, its managers can continuously monitor consumption, solar production and the savings made.

Energy management software for self-consumption PowerStudio

The inauguration event was attended by more than 100 local business owners, who were able to see with their own eyes how this company has improved its competitiveness and its sustainability. These attributes were reiterated in the speeches given at the event by the company's owners, as well as by the project developers and local authorities, who took the opportunity to reaffirm their commitment to clean energy projects.

Pere Soria also took part in the event as the representative of CIRCUTOR, whereby he spoke of the advantages of self-consumption for the industrial sector in Spain and discussed the efforts made by business associations in pushing the nation's government for a stable framework to truly facilitate this type of system, eliminating administrative barriers such as power limitations and sun taxes that have generated so much uncertainty in recent months.

Installation for self-consumption in MMAX company


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