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New Webinars on Reactive Energy, Harmonic Filtering and Earth Leakage Protection

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CIRCUTOR is broadening its free training offer with 3 new Webinars, to communicate the latest advances and new products in power factor correction, harmonics, filtering solutions and earth leakage protection.

Do not miss the opportunity to stay up to date and acquire new knowledge on these subjects.
CIRCUTOR is organising the following new Webinars:


This seminar provides a comprehensive overview of the electrical system, in which the use of efficient technical and energy resources is becoming ever more imperative.

It is a current view of the electrical and technological aspects being used for power factor correction. It is essential to eliminate losses caused by the new kinds of loads being seen in installations.

Dates: 16 September, 15 October, 18 November or 4 December (from 10.00 h to 11.00 h CET)
Choose your date and register now: POWER FACTOR CORRECTION AT LV Webinar


The seminar aims to demonstrate and explain the nature of harmonic disturbances to provide the basic knowledge to diagnose and analyse harmonics.

Dates: 18 September, 21 October, 20 November or 11 December (from 10.00 h to 11.00 h CET)
Choose your date and register now: FILTERING HARMONICS AND SOLUTIONS Webinar


This webinar attempts to clearly and simply explain the operating principles of earth leakage protection systems, their principal features and how to correctly select and configure an earth leakage protection system.

We hope that this webinar helps attendees see the advantages, features and requirements of correct earth leakage protection, as well as the benefits offered by CIRCUTOR's range of smart earth leakage protection systems.

Dates: 23 September, 22 October, 25 November or 16 December (from 10.00 h to 11.00 h CET)
Choose your date and register now: UNDERSTANDING EARTH LEAKAGE PROTECTION IS EASY Webinar

Due to their technical and commercial nature, the webinars will be designed for:

• Installation engineers, installation companies
• Engineering firms
• Maintenance or operations technicians
• Energy service companies (ESCOs)
• Consulting firms or any other participant who wants to become familiar with this equipment and solutions


CIRCUTOR invites you to both its free face-to-face and online training sessions that it holds regularly. To register you can visit the calendar of seminars and conferences periodically updated on the website


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