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PVingPARKS PVS2-R canopies

Solar canopy for instant self-consumption with charging for electric vehicles

Cod: PVS2-R



The PVingPARK PVS2-R canopy is a solar photovoltaic canopy solution that incorporates a fully integrated charging system for electric vehicles within its structure. This charging station and its associated electrical safeguards are specifically designed to be custom-fitted at the foot of the canopy, ensuring the easy assembly and operability of the system. 

This solution allows electricity to be produced when the sun is out, thus covering part of the installation's electricity needs, as well as providing power to charge the electric vehicles as well.

The PVS2-R solution includes the following components:

  • HalfCell monocrystalline photovoltaic modules (120 cells)
  • PVS2-R canopy structure
  • Network-connected photovoltaic inverters.
  • Urban PVS charger (two Type-2 sockets, two optional Shucko sockets)
  • Electrical protection panel for electric vehicle charging (integrated into the canopy).

Additionally, the solution can be supplemented with PV electrical protection and control panels. These panels include both the protective devices for the DC part (StringBox) and the AC safeguards at the inverter outlet (CombinerBox), as well as the control equipment to guarantee zero feed-in to the grid:

  • DPC (Dynamic power controller for zero feed-in)
  • CVM-E3-MINI power analyzer (three-phase installations).

This system offers the following advantages:

  • Reduction in electricity consumed from the power grid and lower atmospheric CO 2 emissions
  • Protection for outdoor car parks
  • Up to four EVC feeds per canopy base, ensuring the charging needs are covered at every position
  • Modular system that can be adapted to the dimensions/sockets available.





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