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RMV Series

Strombegrenzer-Drosseln für Mittelspannungskompensation


Cod: RMV


Choke REACTORS are required to limit the transient currents produced during the connection of capacitors. CIRCUTOR's RMV units are encapsulated in epoxy resin, which guarantees the degree of insulation required.


The connection of capacitor banks has very high associated transient currents and voltages. The IEC 60871-1 Standard defines the maximum value that can be supported by a capacitor bank as the peak connection value. This value is 100 times its nominal current. When this value is exceeded, RMV choke REACTORS must be installed. These REACTORS are in charge of limiting the transient current to values that can be supported by the capacitors. The inductance value is variable, depending on the installation's conditions and, basically, on the following parameters:


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